What We Do

Our Plan, Design, Build process is unique for every client and every project. It is our goal to answer your questions and help remove any uncertainty from the building process. Whether you are looking for help creating a master plan for a future project, designing an addition, remodeling an existing space or building new, we want to work with you! With a deep focus on integrated design, we are able to create high performance buildings that are as comfortable and practical as they are environmentally friendly. 


Have an idea for a project but are uncertain about where to start? Have a property and want to make the best use of its natural resources (wind, solar, hydro)? Curious about how to break a big project down into manageable, affordable phases? We can help!

Creating an effective plan for a project and/or a piece of property is the best way to ensure that all of the pieces fall into place smoothly going forward. We want to make sure that every resource used for every project is utilized effectively. Building materials, wind, water, solar, wood, soil, natural habitat, time, and money - just to name a few.

Let's put a plan together!


Every design is created through a collaborative process using an integrated design approach. This is a process where all stakeholders and all variables are taken into consideration from the very beginning. This is the best way to make sure that no key pieces are overlooked, leading to an efficient building process and a cohesive, high performance final product.

What is a high performance building? To us, it means much more than just being energy efficient. It also must be durable and long-lasting. It must enhance occupant productivity, health, comfort, and accessibility. It must fit with the local environment while serving the needs of the present while also considering the needs of the future.


It is our priority to ensure that every step of the building process goes smoothly. Our careful planning and thoughtful, integrated design always make for a fun, safe, and efficient build. For us, and for our clients, this part is usually the most exciting. Seeing a conceptual design become a permanent, functional, green space is humbling and inspiring. 

Right now we are quite literally building the world of the future. With the realization that every structure has a prolonged impact on the world, we are always looking to improve our construction methods. Our goal is to minimize waste, source materials responsibly, maximize efficiency, and limit impact on a given site/community. Share your ideas with us and let's work together to build a better world.



Custom Interiors / Cabinetry

Passive / Active Solar

Deep Energy Remodels

Zero net energy home in Dublin
Zero net energy home in Dublin


Zero net energy home in Dublin

Double-stud wall, 16" thick

Zero net energy home in Dublin